how we work with you

Design Approach
Our firm is organized to deliver outstanding client service so as to create excellent architectural design. Our approach is highly interactive. Our clients, our staff, and our consultants work together to identify and address needs, generate options, and determine project direction. To help us explore a building design from the inside and outside, we use both old and new technology, hand sketches and CAD to create options and study the effect of design decisions quickly.

Team Approach

Our approach is a focused, collaborative process that emphasizes dialogue between all participants. Solving problems, developing consensus, evaluating alternatives, and reviewing project phases are all part of this process. Our team approach ensures quality design that balances aesthetics, economy, and function. We believe that listening is the key to good planning. We use meetings and interactive planning sessions to gather information and build consensus. Our planning recommendations are achievable goals based on a client's specific and unique needs.

Proposed Project Approach

We work with you in ways that have been successful throughout our firm's history. Our approach is organized to create a thoughtful, focused process based on a thorough understanding of user needs, the site and its context, and sound planning and design principals.