how we achieve quality

Commitment to Quality
Fundamental to a successful project is the desire to be innovative while maintaining a commitment to produce architecture that is functional and appropriate to place and time. Quality is both a means and an end which we enforce from the start of our work through final construction.

Quality Control
We document project goals at the start of a project and continually check to ensure that we comply with our client’s design program, criteria, and standards.

  • We explore and prepare design alternatives and analysis of their cost impact to assist us and our clients in selecting a design direction that is compatible with the project cost budget.
  • We maintain a thorough and up-to-date understanding of all code and regulatory requirements.
  • Throughout the design and construction process, projects are coordinated through regular meetings with the client and the project team. Documentation is transmitted frequently to the client either physically or electronically for review and comment.
  • At the completion of each design phase and prior to submission, all documents and design concepts are reviewed in detail for quality control, both internally and with the client.